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DJ Narrative remixes DJ Tool collection RECKORDER PROJECT in TRAKTOR routine

Today, we are proud to present our first video showcasing DJ Narrative creatively using the RECKORDER PROJECT DJ Tool collection in a routine. Watch DJ Narrative playing, scratching and finger drumming elements from the “Saturday Night” remix set to build up his performance.


In a second behind the scenes video, DJ Narrative shares his secrets. He walks through his technical setup and how the different controllers work together. He also explains the structure of his routine and puts the Remix Sets in action. Get inspired with lots of ideas of how to enhance your routines using DJ Tools.  



All the controllers used in the videos use mapping created by DJ Narrative or are available from the extensive mapping library of DJ Tech Tools.


RECKORDER PROJECT: BEATS, BREAKS AND BASS is exclusively produced for Loop Lounge and is available in our online store.



Gear and Tools

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Traktor S4 with Beaubryte Dj Tech Tools S4 mapping - https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/2




NOVATION LAUNCH PAD with CTC Launchpad mapping - https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1896


NOVATION LAUNCH CONTROL XL with custom mapping


KORG PAD KONTROL with custom mapping

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