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STEMS, Scene Series.

Welcome to our new STEMS collection - Scene Series.

Scene Series is our personal take on the Native Instruments Open Multi-Track Audio Format STEMS. It comprises the flexibilities of the Remix Sets and with the fluidity of the STEMS format. We have collided the worlds of remix sets and Stems to allow you the creativity and flexibility of loops within the intuitive STEMS deck. Exert your creativity with minimum disruption to flow.  

Watch Dj Narrative performs with The STEMS Scene Series Collection: "House, Breaks & Bass Music"


As a label it is important for us to understand what you guys needs to be more creative. Last year at BPM, we spoke to many Traktor users who did not use the remix deck but really wanted to get into loops. We started to explore the STEMS and quickly realise that the STEMs format had potential to allow DJs new to loops a really simple and intuitive way of performing.

"I wanted to create something which combined the flexibility of remix decks with the fluidity of stems decks". – Marc Reck (A.K.A Dj Narrative), Producer and associate DJ of Loop Lounge.


How does that works?

In the video below, DJ Narrative introduces the concept of our STEMS collection and how to realise its full potential, demonstrating using his latest collection “House, Breaks & Bass Music Progression”.



Each collection contains 4 Stem files, and each Stem file contains 4 channels. These channels are divided into 8 sections that we call Scenes. Scenes are marked by cue points that have been set up as a loop. Each Scene cuts across all the 4 channels, and in effect contains 4 loops (one from each channel) that can work individually or combined. This gives a total of 128 loops in each collection.


Loop Lounge Scene Series Screenshot


Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we’ve done the work so DJs don’t have to. All DJs need to remember is Scenes are triggered using pre-programmed cue points, and channels within each Scene are controlled using faders. DJs can focus on the most important part – their creativity.


Scenes enable you to:

  • Drop manual loops whenever you like and return to the section by retriggering the loop with the cue point
  • Work within the common DJ format of 16 bar loops
  • Easily drop risers and fills by cutting in the breakdown / C section at the end of the loops 


Available Now.


We are launching the Scenes Series STEM DJ Tool with three collections “House, Breaks & Bass Progressions”, “Drums House Beats” and “Tech House Beats & Melodies”. Scene Series are available in our shop.

The collections start from 9.99USD, And we have more collections are already in production which will be released shortly!

We are looking forward to hear your feedback to improve our new series!


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