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Tech House Beats & Melodies

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Available as STEMS, Native Instruments Multitrack Open Formats. 

Genres: Tech House


Welcome to our new STEMS Scene Series collection - Tech House Beats & Melodies.

Scene Series is our personal take on the Native Instruments Open Multi-Track Audio Format STEMS. It comprises the flexibilities of the Remix Sets and with the fluidity of the STEMS format. For more details about the Scene Series read our blog post here.  

Tech House Beats & Melodies collection is made of 4 STEMS Scenes Series tracks, which have been designed has a drums machine with a melody & bass line. 

Each Deck, load up automatically 8 individual cue points set up as Loop. Each Loop section or SCENE is essentially a mini drums section accompanied of melodies parts, which can be manipulated via the 4 channels of the STEMS Deck, which has clearly been indicated inside the project. Each Scene offers a different intensity of the track.  


THB&M Track 1:

  • Channel 1: KICK/SNARE
  • Channel 2: CLAP
  • Channel 3: HI-HAT
  • Channel 4: SYNTHS

THB&M Track 2:

  • Channel 1: DRUMS
  • Channel 2: HI-HAT
  • Channel 3: CRASH
  • Channel 4: SYNTHS 

THB&M Track 3:

  • Channel 1: KICK
  • Channel 2: SNARE/CLAP
  • Channel 3: HI-HAT
  • Channel 4: SYNTHS/BASS

THB&M Track 4:

  • Channel 1: DRUMS
  • Channel 2: HI-HAT
  • Channel 3: BASS
  • Channel 4: SYNTH






      Available as STEMS Native Instrumets Multitrack Open Format

      Genres: Tech House

      Artist: Harry J/ Monsieur G

      BPM: 120

      Time Signature: 4/4


      Catalogue No. 

      Full collection: LLST1605

      Track 1: LLST1605-T1

      Track 2: LLST1605-T2

      Track 3: LLST1605-T3

      Track 4: LLST1605-T4