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Techno Bundle

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Royalty Free Sample Library

Genres: Techno




Catalogue Number: LLSL1712

Format: WAV 24Bit/44.1kHz

Genre: Techno

Contains: 948.5MB, 750 Samples

Welcome to our first Techno bundle which group in one pack three of our best-seller collections:


- Berlin Techno

- Melodic Techno by Ornery

- Techno Top Loops and Grooves





Inspired by and produced in Techno Capital of Europe, Berlin Techno is the perfect collection to bring the sound of Berghain into your production.


Made of Heavy Synths, dark Sub Basses, evolving Pads, the Drum Loops have been exported into parts to give more flexibility. We also added a selection of creative Fx and Percussions, Impacts and atmospheric sounds for finishing touches and maximum creativity.


Contains: 258.2 MB, 240 Samples


About Melodic Techno by Ornery

Fully loaded with rough and driving drums, deep basses, trippy arps stirring melodies and much more. With 260 total samples, Melodic Techno will bring fresh inspiration into your creativity.

With tempos varying between 124 and 128 bpm, the Berlin-based DJ / Producer Ornery, has created a musically-rich and emotionally-intense collection which will seduce most of the producers of the genre.


Contains: 290.3MB, 260 Samples:


About Techno Top Loops and Grooves

Focusing on Drum and Percussion rhythmic sequences, the collection contains a wide spectrum of loop ranging from 124 BPM to 126 BPM, this collection is Ideal to create intensity build up or implement variation in your work. 


The collection contain a wide range of Techno grooves, ranging from the more simple to the more complex, that can serve as a foundation for your next track or as an add-on or final piece to an already existing production. 


All the sounds have been crafted and sampled from a wide source of digital and analogue sources such as vintage drum machines and vinyl records.


In ordered to make the samples instantly ready to be use, we have processed and layered with a great care to detail. 


From simple drum sequence to the most complicated drums patterns, “Techno Top Loops and Grooves”, will definitely be a weapon of choice.  



Contains:  400MB, 250 samples





Downloads contains (excl. artwork and booklet):  

Contains: 948MB - 750WAV samples  24bit/44.1kHz








Royalty Free Sample Library

Genre: Techno

Catalogue No. LLSL1712

Format: WAV.24Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV


Downloads contains (excl. artwork and booklet):


Contains: 948MB - 750WAV samples  24bit/44.1kHz



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