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Loop lounge is a UK based label for DJ Tools and audio samples. Our label sells exclusive samples that are 100% royalty free.

Working closely with professional musicians, DJs and producers, the DJ Tool collections of Loop Lounge have been designed to be creatively integrated in DJ sets for flexibility.

About our DJ Tool Collection 

Our DJ Tool collections can be purchased either as wav. files or as .trk files to use within DJ Traktor (Native Instruments) as Remix Sets. The structures of the Remix Sets have been made with particular attention by our team of DJs and producers to optimise the utilisation of the samples.

Being professionally mastered, the stems can be combined with each other to reconstruct a track, used to remix a well-known melody or simply as one element to enhance a set. The samples can also be imported into your DAW for your own composition, as they are 100% royalty free.

About The Artwork

All the graphic identity and artwork of  Loop Lounge Limited has been designed by Wild Ilk Design Studio (http://wildilk.com/).  To develop the logo, artist/designer Kipp Jones, explored the definition of a "loop", a structure, series, or process, the end of which is connected to the beginning. Based on this rational he crafted a recognisable logo-marque using the two L’s of Loop Lounge.

The cover artworks are made of a series of photographs . Subjects were searched for in the surrounding environment, each inspired by the theme of the release. This process has reached cities, forests, mountain ranges and industrial plants. All images were shot on the trusty Zenza Bronica medium format camera for the dynamic range and beautiful image quality of the film it uses. 



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