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Since its inception, Loop Lounge has been working closely with DJs, Producers, Musicians and Sound Engineers to develop top-end DJ Tools and sample libraries. This has given our team of professionals a deep understanding of what is needed to create a high quality audio product.

We have now decided to launch a new service providing high quality audio mixing, mastering, production, arrangement and general consultancy, with particular specialisation in Traktor Remix Deck and Stem formats. Our team of production experts, sound and mastering engineers will help you fine-tune your creations to industry standards, giving them the punch, clarity and shine expected of a professional product.


    Simply contact us with the details of your project, we will confirm by email the budget, timeframe and process.  

    IMPORTANT: the work will only start at reception of payment.


      Audio mastering:

      1 to 4 tracks: £25/track*

      5 or more tracks: £20/ track*

      Project fees available, please send request.  

      *includ. basic consultancy and 2 modifications.



      1 to 4 tracks: £20/track

      from 5 and more tracks: £15/ track


      Dj Tools, stems mastering and Instruments mastering:

      Available on only request.


      DJ Traktor Remix Sets build up:

      Construction of complete Remix Set(s)

      Sample Mastering, Organization and Colour Coding

      Please contact us for quotation.


      Stems Format mastering including free tracks mastering:

      New format created by Native Instruments. Our service include creation of the mastered Stems (export) and the completed mastered track. 

      1 to 4tracks: £35/track + tax, Basic consultancy included.

      For more tracks precise in request form.


      Audio Consultancy, creative direction, creative support, technical mentoring:

      (Available on Skype)

      Mixing, mastering, production technique £40/hour + tax. 

      Booking of the session confirmed at payment.


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