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What does royalty free mean?

This term is part of our license, which allows you to use our collections (loops, samples, DJ Tools etc.) without any additional payment to Loop Lounge. The only exclusion is in using them to create sample libraries for resale.  

Who can use the purchased collections? 

All materials of Loop Lounge Limited are purchased under a non- transferable lifetime royalty-free license. This means that only the purchaser has the right to use the sound in a commercial capacity, and that you cannot give or resell your purchased sound libraries. You cannot place the collection on any file sharing network.

Do I need to purchase a License to use the free content commercially? 

On our website you can listen to demo tracks and samples, and access free content for demonstration purposes only. This is to provide our customers a good sense of what our catalogue includes. Unless it is clearly stated in writing, free content cannot be used in any commercial capacity.

Which formats are the DJ Tool collections available in?

Our DJ Tool collections are available on .trak formats compatible with DJ Traktor Remix Set and .wav. 

Where different format options are available each format is supplied in a different zip file. Just select the format you want. 

How do I download my purchase? 

After the purchase has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download a zip folder.   

How many times can I download the purchased collection? 

The link to access the files will be available to be downloaded up to 3 times within 48hrs of the purchase.  

I am a producer and I would like to submit my work…

We are always pleased to hear from DJs, musicians, sound designers and producers. If you are interested please feel free to send to us some examples of your work to accompanied by a short note about yourself. We know what the music industry can be like and pledge to respond to 100% of submissions.

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