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300 Tuned Kicks

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300 Tuned Kicks

For House, Techno & More



300 wav samples

44.1kHz/ 24bits


About the collection:

Tuning your kicks to the key of your track is one of those little tricks that really make a difference to your productions – making them more harmonious and powerful.

In the design of this collection, we used analogue gear such as the 909 and Drum Brute, and complimented these with synthesized kicks. By layering different kicks together, we have brought originality and colour and warmth to the samples that you can use from House to EDM productions. 

All samples have been categorised and organised in different folders according to their tuning for easy use.






    Available as Wav.

    Genres: Techno, House, EDM, Various

    Catalogue No. LLSL1701

    Formats: 24bit/44.1kHz WAV

    Number of Sample: 300