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Recorded in the heart of Egypt, this DJ Tools collection is the fruit of passion of two Loop Lounge artists - Egyptian composer and producer, Rami Abou and British DJ and producer Harry J. 

Traditional musicians were recorded playing traditional instruments such as the Oud and the Ney, giving the collection an authentic quality. Additional drone and atmospheric elements from field recordings from the streets of Cairo give another dimension and limitless opportunities for creativity. 

Particular attention to detail has been given while working with the artistes: we searched for the most suitable beats, melodies and harmonies which can be used musically and harmoniously with western music properties. 

Made using 100% authentic Arabic instruments, this DJ Tool brings an Arabic feel to your DJ set, transporting you and your senses to the Middle East.

Each section/page contains 16 original loops that have been crafted to be used not only as individual components, but also in conjunction with parts from other sections of the collection. The tables below show a complete breakdown of every element. 

To create your own arrangement, simply import the collection into your Traktor library and drag the desired sounds to cells in a fresh remix deck.




    Available as DJ Traktor Remix Sets & Wav.

    Genres: Arabic, Ethnic, Various

    Catalogue No. LLDT1505

    Formats: 24bit/44.1kHz WAV

    Number of Sample: 64



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