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Available as DJ Traktor Remix Sets & Wav.

Genres: Deep House 


Welcome to our new DJ Tool/Remix Set series: “Drum Box”. This series has been designed to allow you to utilise your Traktor Remix Deck as a Drum Machine, enabling the addition of live drum beats into your DJ set.

Deep House has recently made its comeback with artists such as Claptone or Riva Starr that have refreshed the sound using contemporary music production techniques. Inspired by this, “Deep House Drum Box” is packed with analogue and contemporary deep house sounds such as rise noise and syncopated high hats that will satisfy both old school house heads and the modern laptop DJ.

To keep this collection flexible across genres, we kept the default tempo of the collection at a standard 120BPM. However, with the quality of the samples you will not be compromising on audio quality when raising the tempos up to 125BPM or more.

The collection has been organised across four pages. Each page has its own organisation and colour code for your ease of use and is described in the table present in the booklet.


Notes for Non DJ Traktor users:

This collection has been specifically organised for Traktor users to plug and play. However, if you are not a Traktor user, the collection is also available in our shop as mastered Wav files. This will allow you to import the files into the software of your choice.



Available as DJ Traktor Remix Sets & Wav.

Genres: Deep House

Catalogue No. LLDT1606

Formats: 24bit/44.1kHz WAV

Number of Sample: 64

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