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Guitar House Bundle

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Royalty Free Sample Library

Genres: House / Other


Catalogue Number: LLSL1708

Format: WAV 24Bit/44.1kHz

Genre: House

Welcome to our new collection “Guitar House” which comprises of 366MB (excl. Demo) of samples. With 45 sharp guitars loops and 95 musical and percussing loops, this collection can be incorporated into any modern House Production. To assist you with your creative process, the collection has been organised into six design construction kits.

From the classic Disco Guitar to the fiery rock riffs, the guitar has been incorporated in many works today. Recognizing the long history between House Music and the guitar, we decided to release this collection.

Besides carefully choosing which samples to go into this collection, we have also made this collection user friendly by organising the collection into six separated labelled construction kits. Each of those constructions kits has a different vision and approach, with variations to the drums and percussions, synth and bass elements, and of course, the guitar parts.

All the samples have been edited with careful thought to details, for instance, besides tuning all the Kick during the recording of the percussion, we have tuned all the Kick While with have been recorded all the percussion live we also manipulated them in order to synch them to tempo. The collection also includes acoustic drum elements such as snare, as well as several electronic kits from the classic analogue and digital sound sources.

With regard to the guitar elements, we used a variation of tools to record them such as the DI Box or using different positioning microphones on the amps. We also kept all the tails of the guitar loops and other elements with long reverb.

The collection included 135 quality samples in wav format 24Bit/44.1 kHz. This included 18 Acoustic Guitar and 27 Electric Guitar loop, 63 Drum and Percussion Loops and 27 samples of synth, bass and Fx etc. With this wide range of content, “Guitar House” by Loop Lounge aims to bring inspiration and creativity to your works.

Thank you for stopping by to peruse our collection. Loop lounge is a UK based boutique sample library producing royalty free DJ Tools and audio samples. Working closely with professional musicians, DJs, producers and sound designers, our collections aim to answer the needs of modern artists. All our samples are 100% royalty-free and ready for use.

Simply add some of your creativity and personal touch!










Royalty Free Sample Library


Catalogue Number: LLSL1708

Genre: House



Format: WAV 24Bit/44.1kHz,

Number of samples: 135 / 366 MB

Acoustic guitar: 18


PAD & FX: 5

BASS: 12


  1. Korina: in key of F, 120 BPM: 92.3 MB/ 38 Samples

Acoustic Guitar: 10

Electric Piano: 4

Pad: 1

Bass: 4

Drums: 18

FX: 1

  1. Agathis: in key of E, 123 BPM, 43.8MB/ 19 samples

Electric guitar: 4

Fx: 1

Synth: 3

Bass: 2

Drums & Percussions: 9

  1. Mahogany: in key of D, 120 BPM, 78.9MB/ 20 samples

Acoustic Guitar: 8

Bass: 2

Synth pluck: 2

Drum & Percu: 8


4.Alder: in key of D, 124 BPM, 49.7MB/ 19 samples

Guitar: 6

Synth: 4

Bass: 1

Fx: 1

Drum & Percu: 7

  1. Ash: in key of C, 122PBM, 56.4MB/ 21 samples

Guitar: 9

Bass: 2

Drum and percu: 10

  1. Budinga in key of G, 120 BPM, 45MB/ 18 samples

Guitar: 8

Bass: 1

Drum and percu: 9


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